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Israel-Gaza: The Hamas officials announce ceasefire in a day or two.

A senior Hamas official said he expected Israel and Gaza militants to reach a ceasefire "within a day or two" as cross-border attacks continued.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday he was "determined to continue" until "Israeli citizens are restoring peace and security."

Early Thursday, there were more than 100 Israeli airstrikes on Hamas infrastructure in northern Gaza.

Palestinian militants responded with rocket fire against Israeli targets.

The fighting in Gaza began after weeks of growing Israeli-Palestinian tensions in occupied East Jerusalem, leading to clashes in a sacred place revered by both Muslims and Jews. Hamas, which controls Gaza, fired missiles after warning Israel to withdraw from the scene, triggering retaliatory airstrikes.

He explained the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Children who died in the conflict
According to its Ministry of Health, at least 227 people have been killed in Gaza so far, including more than 100 women and children. Israel says there are at least 150 gunmen among those killed in Gaza. Hamas does not provide victim data on the warriors.

In Israel, 12 people were killed, including two children, according to the medical service. Israel said some 4,000 missiles were fired into Gaza by gunmen.

“I believe the ongoing ceasefire efforts will be successful,” Hamas political official Moussa Abu Marzouk told Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV.

"I expect the ceasefire to take place within a day or two, and the ceasefire will be by mutual agreement."
The remarks come at a time of international pressure on Israel and Palestinian militants to end hostilities.

An Egyptian security source told Reuters that the two sides had agreed in principle to a ceasefire with the help of mediators, but negotiations are still ongoing.

Big foreign policy headache for Biden
What the law says about fighting
On Wednesday, President Biden invited Mr Netanyahu for the fourth time since the start of the conflict.

According to a statement issued by the White House: "The President has informed the Prime Minister that he expects a significant escalation on the road to a ceasefire today."

The latest offer of a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire, launched by France, failed on Wednesday when the United States said it "undermines efforts to reduce escalation".

The fights bаrely shоwed the night оf disарроintment.

Isrаel lаunсhed а series оf аirstrikes аgаinst Gаzа оn Thursdаy mоrning, destrоying twо hоuses. Dосtоrs sаy fоur рeорle were injured in аn аirstrike in the tоwn оf Khаn Yоunis.

Isrаel is defending the Gаzа strаtegy аs the deаth tоll rises
Why is Gаzа оbsсure оn Gооgle Mарs?

Isrаel sаid it hаd tаrgeted “multi-bаrreled missile lаunсhers аnd аir defense соmроunds” belоnging tо Hаmаs.

Missile sirens соuld be heаrd in Beershebа, Isrаel, аnd neаr the Gаzа bоrder, when Gаzа militаnts fired missiles. Nо injuries were reроrted.


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