Condoms utilized in one-in-four heterosexual situations in america

Condoms utilized in one-in-four heterosexual situations in america

25 % of heterosexual grownups in the United States used a condom the previous hours that they had vaginal love, specialists from Indiana college discovered.

Participants usually stated that condom make use of made no distinction to sexual pleasure, to climax, or to maintaining an erection in guys.

But people claimed modest but statistically appreciable diminution in sexual satisfaction when they used condoms without in addition using a supplementary lubricant, and female described a lot more problems in attaining genital wetness.


statistical worth

Mathematical screens are employed judge whether or not the connection between a survey might as a result of chances and would not be affirmed if your analysis ended up being continued. If effect can be perhaps not because potential, the final results include �statistically significant�.


In a case-control research, an ongoing process to make the situations while the regulators equivalent with regards to extraneous elements. For instance, each instance is matched up independently with a control topic on aspects for instance young age, love-making and HIV position.

People comprise less likely to learn than males whether condoms had been pre-lubricated or what they are made of, though not too many described making use of an oil-based lube with a condom.

The study and its particular members

The analysis belongs to the US National research of reproductive health and perceptions; HIV techniques improve claimed just last year throughout the survey�s information in gay people, that were co-sponsored because of the on line contacts gay relationship organization and released to the Manhunt web site.

In the present analysis, 1645 heterosexual people aged 18 to 59 whom noted vaginal intercourse (14 of whom defined as bisexual and one as lesbian) were questioned during 2009.

Fifty-two per-cent had been male and two-thirds had been of light ethnicity, with 16percent Hispanic and ten percent African-American. There’s another distribute of years. Forty-eight % had been attached, 27per cent solitary, and ten percent separated or split. A third received young ones coping with them.

The scientists asked about participants� newest lover, and those around demonstrated the dimension of wedded and single individuals in the analyze: 55per cent mentioned their latest lover had been their scheduled mate, 12per cent stated a �friend�, and 30% of men and 34% of females claimed their latest partner was actually often a �new acquaintance�, a night out together, or a casual spouse. Only 3% or men and 1% of women said their unique most recent partner was a transactional (paying or paying) companion.

Condom and lubricant make use of

Condoms were utilized by 27.5per cent of men and 22per cent of females the very last hours that they had sexual intercourse and of those who did not utilize a condom, 25% of males (18% of most guys) and 29percent of females (22.5% almost all women) made use of a sexual lubricant, while just 5per cent of males and females noted utilizing both a condom and additional lube. This lead 61percent of males and women who put neither condom nor lubricant. Eighty-two percent of males and 66percent of women stated that the condom these people used ended up being pre-lubricated.

Ladies are more inclined never to figure out what type of condom was applied, what types of lubricant was used, and whether or not the condom would be pre-lubricated.

What relied as lube? Fifty per-cent regarding the men and 58percent belonging to the women who made use of lubricant without a condom documented it absolutely was water- or silicone-based and 70percent of both males and females exactly who tried it with a condom. Twenty-two percent of men and 28per cent of women whom decided not to use a condom revealed simply using spittle, and 14.5percent of males and women that do incorporate a condom. There were a discrepancy between gents and ladies when it hit oil-based treatments; practically 19per cent of men (29 people) who made use of lubrication without a condom stated utilizing an oil-containing merchandise particularly Vaseline, kids oils or entire body product but simply 4percent of people (seven males). Only four as well as two ladies revealed making use of oil-based services and products with condoms; in all of the situation we were holding latex condoms, which will become weakened by lube.

There’s in addition a difference in the event it pertained to revealing who had utilized the condom: while majority of both sexes stated that the guy generally put it on on his own, 21percent of men and 11percent of women reported that the lady wear it � though women comprise more prone to document that this bimbo along with her lover made it happen with each other.

Effect of condoms and lube on love

Ordinarily, neither males nor girls stated that using a condom, with or without added lubrication, got any influence on sexual pleasure or abilities for the dude to obtain erecting. Guys who utilized a condom but no further lubricant regarded their unique arousal degree fairly less than non-condom owners or males whom made use of a condom and lubrication, but even though this difference am statistically significant, it has been slight, and guy scored their unique arousal ranges as regularly highest. Ladies who put a condom without lube claimed a lot more complications in reaching genital wetness, though these people failed to document small prices of arousal. Although number of girls reported soreness, they certainly were more likely to achieve this task without lubricant.

Concerning climax, neither condom make use of nor lubricant impacted whether associates have a climax, or whether they perceived that their own companion achieved. There had been some intriguing sex dissimilarities, though: while 95% of males got an orgasm and 94per cent of women observed they managed to do, merely 66percent of women have an orgasm � although boys decided these people performed 90percent of times.


This was maybe not research of partners, but personal males and females, so a number of the discrepancies between genders might-be because specific differences. Furthermore condom need shouldn’t be involving what mate individuals had been making love with, though it roughly complements the portion of laid-back or brand-new business partners. Really significant that, while practically just 25 % of heterosexuals used condoms finally hours that were there vaginal sexual intercourse, in the similar gay men�s review, 45.5percent of gay males stated using a condom previous time period that were there anal intercourse. Actually inspiring to remember that, with this study about, condoms are documented as just really somewhat affecting sexual joy hence utilizing oil-based lubrication together had been unusual.

Herbenick D et al. Personality of condom and lubricant utilize among a nationally consultant chance taste of grownups years 18-59 across the nation. Magazine of Sexual Therapy 10:474-483, DOI: 10.1111/jsm.12021, 2013.

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